Sunday, 3 July 2011

Keepin' it real.

July 1st was Canada Day and as such, Friday was a holiday for me. Going into the weekend I had huge plans...I was going to tear through my storage room, reorganize my linen closet, sort through my books, paint my bathroom, select paint colours for my living room, wander down to the village to see if I could find a set of vintage nightstands, hunt down some cool fabrics to make cushions for my couch (sewing is yet another hidden talent) and the list went on and on. Somewhere along the way I figured that I was going to get a bit of relaxation in.

And while I did get the storage room cleaned, the linen closet organized (kind of...) and the books sorted, no cushions were made, no paint was bought, no colours were picked nor did I make it down to the village.

Sunday evening my living room was looking like this - 

Vacuum in the middle of the living room, clothes scattered from one end of my place to the other, multiple unfinished projects piled high on my dining table, stacks of books to go to Goodwill piled against the wall, multiple hangers strewn across my living room and foyer floor...not to mention the pile of dishes  scattered across my kitchen counter (you'd think that with a dishwasher they'd instantly end-up in not the case in this casa).

I'm kind of a scatterbrain. I've always got ten things on the go at one time. I can't not be thinking about at least five projects at once - whether they're work related or personal. I don't know how to turn my brain off.

But this weekend I kind of did. I mean not completely, but almost.

I got some sun. I got a lot of sleep. I ate a bit. Drank a bit. Caught up with some friends and just enjoyed myself. I even gave the whole laying on the beach thing a try....but couldn't keep still or quiet for more than two minutes (I have my limits). 

And though it's difficult to admit, there will always be projects that need to be finished, things to do, people to see, places to go, ideas running through my head. Sometimes a guy just needs to say, "okay, that's enough. It's time to completely (well almost) zone out."

That said, after taking the above picture I did this -

I've been meaning to hang my brown transferware for months now. Seriously. Months...a break every once and awhile is good, but these plates were driving me insane.

Getting back to my weekend, the laundry and hangers will get picked up. The vacuum will get put away, the paint colours will be picked, the nightstands found, etc, etc. I guess the point of my rambling is that sometimes a bit of 'me time' and a bit of 'downtime' is a good thing. What's more important? Bathroom paint colours or the friends that you love and care about?

I'm picking the second choice.

What did you do this long weekend?


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