Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Three stories. Dan edition.

I thought that I'd try something a bit different tonight. This evening while surfing the net, I checked out one of my favourite blogs, Freckled Nest and was inspired by LA's new series 'three stories.' Enough so, that I figured that I'd jump on the band wagon and see what I could come up with.

Basically, the objective is to find a pic that you love (or perhaps hate...) and share a couple of stories that relate to it. Simple, right?

Therefore, I present to you, my picture - 
1. This abandoned house used to be a couple miles from my family's farm. Whenever we'd drive the back roads I'd hope that we'd drive by it so that I could admire it and ask my Dad questions about its history.
2. When I finished college (the second time around) I wasn't sure where I was going to end-up....resulting in a couple months spent back on the farm. It was at this point that I ended up deciding to actually explore this building that had fascinated me for so long. As derelict as this place was, I would routinely escape to it to be alone with my thoughts and ideas. It became my quiet place. I'd sit on the living room windowsill and think about who'd lived there, the farm that they'd once had, the happy memories that had occurred in this space. It's also think about what I wanted, where I was going, who I wanted to be 'when I grew up.' There was something about that place that brought me a sense of comfort during a very uncertain time. It's something to this day that I can't explain.
3. I cried when I found out that the land on which this house had stood on for so long had been sold and that the new owners had bulldozed the house and the long, winding tree lined lane that led up to it.

Share your own pic and stories with me and feel free to leave your link in LA's or my comment section.


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