Sunday, 24 July 2011

Farmer Dan.

I'm enjoying a lazy (busy) weekend on this end, and hope that regardless of where you are you've been able to enjoy time with friends / loved ones enjoying good food, good drink and good company! It's super warm here, which has been nice - and has given me the perfect excuse to catch up on nothing whilst enjoying a couple of naps.

During one of my half sleeping / half awake moments, I started to think about summer this time three years ago. I hadn't moved into the city yet and was spending the summer hanging out on the farm - doing construction and working with on my family's farm.

I'm not a farmer. Not at all. But this afternoon, I kind of missed it. I missed the hills. The trees. My dogs and the barn cats. The lack of traffic. My Mom's cookies and the fact that I could spend all day in a tractor (okay, maybe I don't miss the tractor). 

I went through some files and randomly stumbled across this shot. 
Exactly three years ago today I took this shot. I actually remember this day like it was yesterday - I was still between jobs, trying to figure out my next step and had been helping my Dad move hay bales off of the field. 

That tractor was hot, itchy and there were only two cassettes to listen to...and I'm not a fan of 'The Judds' or 'Reba'. That said, I enjoyed the day. I enjoyed the sun. The peace and quiet. The opportunity to just be alone with my thoughts and knowing that I'd been able to give my Dad a hand. Maybe bouncing over the hills in a Ford tractor might not have been the worst thing that I've ever done...

I'm not a farmer. I never have been. I never will be; but there's something about that day that stands out in my head. Something about it puts a slight smile on my face. 

It's funny where your thoughts will take you, but I wouldn't have it any other way.


Dad, if you're reading this, I really don't want to spend this coming weekend moving bales off the field.

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