Saturday, 9 July 2011

Saturday. Saturday. Saturday.

I love weekends for the sole reasoning that basically, a guy can do whatever he wants, whenever he wants, without having someone tell him otherwise. Like last night - I stayed up as late as I possibly could...which sadly, wasn't that late (this week wore me out) and then slept in stupidly late this morning.

After a hearty breakfast I figured that I'd check out a couple of shops before my meeting up with Mister later this afternoon. The shops ended up being a complete bust. One was closed and the other was stupidly overpriced. When it comes to vintage I want a bargain! I'm not about to pay a premium just because someone "thinks" the item is worth x amount of dollars. However, on my way home I struck gold - in the form of two sets of wine glasses.

Exhibit A -

I spotted a sign for a tag sale and figured "why not," and decided to hit it up, where I stumbled across two sets of Bowring wine glasses. Bowring is a great Canadian chain that sells a lot of really cool glassware, decorative accessories and small pieces of furniture. I've picked up a few pieces from my local shop over the years but have always steered clear of their stemware. Not because I didn't like it, but rather because I'm not about to pay $39.99 for four glasses (even if they're Turkish crystal).

That said. $5.00 for eight never used glasses and I'm game! As I've previously mentioned, I've already got loads of stemware....but it's pretty delicate, and I'm pretty clumsy. This set is a bit thicker and will probably holdup better under everyday use (remind me to eventually tell you the story about how I told Mister I planned on using only stemware for the next month....just to class it up a bit).

Another shot of exhibit A - 

So I wasn't expecting to come home with eight glasses....I was on the hunt for a coffee table / nightstand / anything other than stemware, but I'm happy that I found them. That's why weekends and thrifting / tag sales go hand-in-hand, they're full of unexpected fun. 

That and I drove by the cutest house. I actually had to stop so that I could take a picture. I'd be perfectly happy here.....river front lot. Huge yard! Lots of trees. One and a half story, loads of character and potential. Yes please!

Now, for some more fun and games! Plus I promise that I'll post the end results of my great nightstand project!

Enjoy the weekend,

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  1. Stemware definitely classes up a joint :) In Spain, they utilize it a lot more, and I love it! For anything but super casual meals, they drink even water out of it. And at a restaurant, they usually serve you your "caña" (draft beer) or "clara" (the latter mixed with lemon Fanta—my favourite summer beverage!) in stemware... so my hubby and I have taken to doing so around the house. It feels divine!

    Also, that house is SO cute and has so much character+potential for more character!



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