Monday, 4 July 2011

Inspired by...Samantha Pynn.

It's been awhile since I shared with you a designer whose work inspires and excites me. While there are loads of individuals for me to share in the coming future, there is a designer whose portfolio and designs I checked out this weekend that really has me excited.

While flipping through my back issues of Style At Home magazine I kept coming across beautiful spreads created by designer, HGTV Canada TV personality and eco-living guru Samantha Pynn. While I've admired her work for years, it's only been recently that I've realized that so many of my favourite rooms and looks have been created by the same individual.

Her rooms are classy without being stuff, airy without being sparse and filled with cool design elements without feeling cluttered. She's a huge advocate of 'reduce, reuse, recycle' with many of the pieces showcased in each room being upcycled and given a new lease on life.

I love that Pynn's spaces always have a bit of glam thrown in - without looking like over the top, ol' Hollywood glam. Being a guy, the last thing that I want to do is be stuck in a room that feels to well, 'frou frou' for lack of better phrases and her spaces never appear that way.

It's amazing what she can achieve while sticking to a tight budget, working with thrifted pieces, Ikea dresser and can after can of paint. I'd gladly hang in any of her spaces! My absolute favourite thing about her rooms - she's not afraid to mix and match style, period or texture. She'll gladly through a carved French chair in the same room as Ikea dressers and pieces picked up at the dollar store....her design style is accessible and I can achieve a lot of her design techniques in my own abode.

Here are some more of my favourite looks from Ms. Pynn -

Note to self - after checking out all of these pictures, and others from her portfolio, I must get my paws on two of the Asian ceramic garden stools that Samantha has used in a gazillion of her rooms. The perfect alternative to the giant coffee table that I want, but can't afford / don't have room for!

Who are your favourite designers / decorators?! Let me know...I'd love to check out their designs!

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