Friday, 8 July 2011

Going green & and other randomness.

So after determining that it is possible for me to successfully grow plants (I swear, there was a three year stretch where I couldn't grow a spider plant to save my life), I decided the other night while wandering around a big box store looking for toothpaste (it must seem like I'm always buying toothpaste), that I'd give houseplants another stab.

I ended up coming home with two beauties that I'm more than happy to share with you now (before I somehow kill them or cause them to go into shock, causing them to wilt, turn brown and become dominant).

First up, my steal of a deal fern (there will be no plant naming....I might be a bit flighty and random, but there will be no names....)!

How cute does this little guy look? He was under two bucks and looks right at home in an old ironware bowl that used to live on top of my kitchen cupboards (along with my collection of ironware pitchers....which I'm saving for a future just one thing post). Throw in some old Agatha Christie books, a hammer head detail frame and a bit of Spanish moss and bingo! Perfect vignette!

Next up, the 'piece de resistance' - this beautiful orchid, which looks right at home in my recently discovered trophy cup! So pretty!

I'm hoping that I can keep this beauty alive for as long as possible. I was a bit terrified bringing it home....I recently had a friend post a picture of her's on Facebook wondering how to revive it...she couldn't get it to bloom again and was doing everything right. Fingers and toes crossed. If anything, it wasn't a huge investment....and it looks great! Oh yah, that and it was an excuse to tweak my bookcase vignettes.

Speaking of vignettes, when I was digging around through my storage room and in my freezer this past weekend (that's right, I said freezer), I came across a few new pieces to display. Sometimes I a guy doesn't need to spend any coin....he just has to go through what he already has!

I love old books, especially when i find titles that actually interest me! This was the case when a couple of months ago, I came across a first edition copy of 'The Egg & I'...the thing is, it stunk. Though in good shape, it smelt like book at it's worst. Regardless of that fact, it came home with me...and went into a freezer. Two months later, I pulled it out and BAM (well, no bam) but smell gone! Today it's dark green spine looks handsome stacked with my Great Grandpa's hobbies book and cost accounting books (which I've never opened).

While I was at it, I found a snazzy green plastic truck from the 50s. It may have been my Dad's....that or I found it at a tag sale. I can't remember. Regardless, it works well with my fishbowl, shells and trophy cup.

And last but not least, I unearthed something kind (make that very) cool! In the same tote as my hockey players and green truck were this cup and saucer commemorating King George and Queen Elizabeth's 1939 Canadian visit. A bit scratched and aged, but still a cool piece....especially considering it's a set that was always around my rent's when I was growing up. I wonder if there will be a Kate & Wills set to commemorate their current Canadian trip?

It's fun seeing what you can do with what you already have. I found a couple more goodies that I hope to show you shortly....including a few pieces that I think will look great with my newly dressed nightstand!

I can't wait to show you!


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